Festival Season | Water Bottle Fill Up Stations

Festival Season | Water Bottle Fill Up Stations

Festival season is finally here, and with numerous shows to choose from, it is not unusual for some music fans to get excited and forget about the essential things that they should bring and do for them to enjoy the festivals to the fullest. For instance, dehydration is a common problem that people attending music festivals have to contend with, and failure to take deliberate steps to stay hydrated can have devastating effects on your health and mood, and consequently, hinder you from having fun. 

With years of experience in hydration, WaterMonster has the best solution. Our water bottle fill up stations allow festival attendees to stay hydrated in the summer heat and still enjoy themselves. Attendees can easily fill their bottles and take them with them throughout the festival grounds allowing them to always stay hydrated. With huge tanks and the option of a touch free system, our water bottle fill up stations are the best option for all festivals, from music to renaissance. Festivals can be fun getaways during the hot summer months, offering you the chance to see some of your favorite bands perform in person! However, while you’re partying out in the sun it can become very easy to forget about something as simple as your water intake.

The truth is that dehydration can pose a real problem during the festival season. While most people are quite good at keeping on top of their fluid intake during the week, this can go straight out the window as soon as they find themselves caught up in all the distractions that festivals have to offer – it simply isn’t at the forefront of their minds anymore. However, it really should be as festivals are prime places to become dehydrated. Think about it – you’re spending extended periods of time dancing and moving around outside under a scorching summer sun. Your body is going to be working up a real sweat in these conditions and guess what sweating means – losing fluid and valuable electrolytes! Our water bottle fill up stations can be equipped to handle not just water but other drinks such as Gatorade or Powerade to help keep those electrolytes up and avoid dehydration. 

Drinking more water might seem like the most obvious answer and you’re right, under these conditions you should be drinking more water. Keeping a bottle of H20 on hand would go a long way towards tackling those dehydration symptoms. Our water bottle fill up stations allow you to keep refilling your bottle over and over to keep hydrated in the summer heat. According to Live Science, water is also responsible for taking heat away from muscles, which is what prevents organs and muscles from being damaged. It’s also what prevents heat stroke. One of the top conditions seen in medical tents at summer music festivals is dehydration, and the last thing you want is to spend a day with the medical team while your favorite band is killing it on the main stage. 

Festivals are an experience of a lifetime, so keep these hydration tips in mind at your next summer event so you can truly make the most of it. WaterMonster is here to help you stay hydrated with our Ultra Spout water bottle fill up stations this festival season!