Foot Operated Water Dispenser | H20 Solutions for Events

Foot Operated Water Dispenser | H20 Solutions for Events

Water Monster is proud to provide the newest solutions to the water supply and hydration needs of those across the country. One of the ways we do this is by supplying technology that makes staying hydrated easier and safer than ever in any environment. A foot operated water dispenser comes with a variety of benefits. For instance, it can use less water than a traditional one as they are often designed with a low flow rate. This technology is commonly used in public settings as it reduces your exposure to viruses and bacteria left behind by previous users, preventing the contamination of your hands. Whether that be the workplace, schools, parks and recreation venues, or social events. 


We strive to provide unrivaled water distribution and hygiene for when you need it most, a foot operated water dispenser can provide touchless access to clean, great-tasting water to keep you safely hydrated. Touchless contact with the dispenser means less opportunity for germs to spread, which can mean less sickness being spread amongst others, ultimately leading to a better quality of life for everyone. To stay safe is a priority shared by all in these challenging, infection-control times. This leads to innovations in our range of contact-free water machines that allow drinking water to be dispensed without having to touch the taps or buttons, minimizing contact. Along with safety, sustainability is one of our top priorities. In addition to their health benefits, a foot operated water dispenser can also have very compelling environmental and economic benefits. 


You've no doubt seen stories about how damaging single-use plastics are to our environment, but the increasing pressure they are putting on our recycling industry is causing a lot of budget issues at the state and local levels. Single-use plastics are becoming more of an issue in our search for convenience. Bottle filling stations, drinking fountains, and water dispensers can play a significant role in the fight against single-use plastics. From a maintenance perspective, there is an especially important additional benefit of the foot operated water dispenser in that without pushbuttons they can be much easier to maintain in a public space, such as a breakroom or campground.


With fewer moving parts these units are simple to maintain with a wipe down of antibacterial cleaner and no need for intensive specialist equipment. One of the most common faults in manual water dispensers is often mechanical failure. Buttons are pushed too hard and too often. Users can sometimes be careless. This causes machines to need to be repaired. That is not such an issue in a foot operated water dispenser. Of course, they’re not infallible, but they can be much more durable. 


These kinds of dispensers can also be useful to those who suffer from various disabilities. If you’re in a wheelchair, using a crutch, or some other support or mobility aid, a hands-free water dispenser is far easier to use. You don’t need to do two things at once. Your hands stay available for more important things. You don’t need to hold your bottle in place, which can be awkward for all sorts of reasons. Simplicity is the key to ensuring that everyone can access facilities. And nothing is simpler than low contact interaction. Feel free to contact us and we will be happy to find the best water solution for your needs.