Halloween Hydration | WaterMonster

Halloween Hydration | WaterMonster

Without a steady supply of H2O, it’s only a matter of time before you become a dusty mummy or a bone-dry skeleton. According to Healthline, more than half of your body is composed of water! We at WaterMonster are dedicated to keeping all ghosts and ghouls hydrated this spooky season. Water is the magical elixir of life, but you need to check your potions book to make sure you know the facts from fairy tales and fiction. Many spooky water myths persist to this day – let’s dispel them now, so they don’t give you a fright! 


While many regions of the country are eliminating typical Halloween activities that could increase the risk of spreading Covid-19, everyone is finding ways to make the act of trick ‘r treating safer. In fact, so many American towns are allowing trick ‘r treating to occur as long as those participating follow the guidelines. 


If you decide to head out on Halloween for a little candy round-up and spooky fun, it’s important to stay hydrated. No matter how far you go or how long you are out, you will need water to stay nourished and replenish the energy your body uses up. Despite a common misconception, it IS possible to dehydrate in cold months. Here are a few ways we at WaterMonster suggest staying hydrated… 


Take water bottles for yourself and the children. Reusable or recyclable bottles are easy to store or carry and are great for on-the-go action. 


To make drinking water while running for candy more appealing to kids, decorate the water bottle labels with fun spooky stickers or have the kids make their own out of construction paper and tape them onto the bottle. You can even play games and pretend the water is Invisible Kid Serum or Anti-Ghost Juice. 


Since Halloween is a time when sweets are plenty, we at WaterMonster suggest you compensate by drinking extra water. Your body needs healthy nourishment to keep from being dehydrated from all of that sugar. 


If you ARE indulging in sweets and treats this Halloween, we suggest you avoid carbonated beverages. These only add to dehydration. 


For adults partaking in a Halloween cocktail or attending a small gathering, be sure to drink a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks. Not only will this keep you hydrated but will help you pace better and decrease the likelihood of you getting sick. Before you go to bed, drink a pint of water to help your body replenish itself. 


Whether you are out trick ‘r’ treating, visiting the pumpkin patch, picking apples, or going on a hayride, staying hydrated is so especially important. It’s easy to let hydration fall by the wayside as the temperatures fall and we fill our time with spooky fun. We at WaterMonster hope these tips will help you and your loved ones stay well hydrated for a season of fun! Stay hydrated, be safe, and have a FANGtastic Halloween from all of us at WaterMonster!