Happy New Year with WaterMonster

Happy New Year with WaterMonster

A new year brings new goals. Most often, this means healthier eating, more regular exercise, and a greater focus on self-care. As another year dawn, people are preparing to embark on their healthiest year yet. But they forget the most important goal to add to their list - drinking more water. Water is a powerhouse of health. It can improve physical and mental performance, aid in digestion and weight loss, and can improve your overall well-being. Unfortunately, it’s often overlooked - until now. At WaterMonster h20 solutions we want your year to be fun-filled and eventful, and our water dispensers make any event perfect! Discover why you should drink more water for the upcoming year, and how it can help you achieve your health-related resolutions.  

Water Improves Physical and Mental Performance 

Without water, basic daily functions like walking and concentrating are impossible. Water is imperative to cognitive and physical function. A lack of it may lead to impaired concentration, alertness, and short-term memory. If you plan to attend outdoor events this year, you will especially want to increase your water intake. Around 6-10% of the body’s water is lost through sweat during strenuous physical activity. So, it needs to be replenished as soon as possible to retain normal function. Not to mention, dehydration can lead to reduced endurance and motivation while increasing fatigue. WaterMonster h20 solutions provides water for any outdoor event, to keep everyone happy and healthy.  

Water Helps with Weight Loss and Digestion 

Water and weight loss go hand in hand. In a University of Illinois study, researchers found drinking water had a handful of benefits. This included fewer sweetened beverages and fewer fats, sugar, salt, and cholesterol in the participant’s diet. Most notably, a higher water intake meant a lower calorie intake. Wondering how much water to drink a day to reap these benefits? Researchers found that just one additional cup of water every day can make all the difference. While this might not seem like much, it adds up (fast). Water also plays a significant role in the digestive process. When we eat, food builds up in our bodies and can cause bloating, constipation, and irregularity. Regularly drinking water can help move food through our bodies more quickly, helping us to avoid discomfort. 

Water Maintains Overall Well-Being 

Water keeps our bodies functioning. Whether outdoors in the heat or indoors working out, water leaves our body in the form of sweat to help our skin cool down. But, when the water leaves our body, it needs to be replenished to avoid dehydration and fatigue. Water also helps rid our bodies of toxins. This might be excess sugar from the holiday season or lingering winter cold. During sickness, over-the-counter medication and the production of mucus dries out the body. Drinking water can help keep you hydrated while also loosening up mucus in your head. For the best results, make sure you drink high-quality water. Water dispensers from WaterMonster h20 solutions can keep you and your body replenished with cleaner, safer water.  

So, why drink water? Water helps us carry out basic, day-to-day functions. Not to mention, it keeps us healthy and energetic. As you finalize your New Year’s resolutions list, don’t forget to add “drinking more water” to the top. This year plan your events right with WaterMonster h20 solutions. From sporting events to concerts to campgrounds, we have you and your event covered! Have a Happy New Year from WaterMonster h20 solutions