How To Clean Your WaterMonster Tank

How To Clean Your WaterMonster Tank

One of the most common questions I get asked all the time is how do you clean your water monster tank?  So there's three things that you need to sanitize your water monster tank: water hose, unscented common household bleach, and our new sanitizer spray bottle.

Now what's great about the sanitizer spray bottle, it has this little valve feature that when you turn it into the upright position, it'll pull the chlorine from the container and mix it with the water to make a really strong sanitizing solution. And when you want to rinse it off, you simply turn the valve horizontal and it'll wash the tank off real nice and clean.

Okay, before cleaning, it's probably a good idea to wear some rubber gloves when you're handling this chlorine. So I've gone ahead and already hooked up the hose to the pistol grip. And this bottle you're going to fill about a third full with your bleach anything more than that it's really a waste, you're not going to use it.

And so when you activate the water, which we're going to do here, this is going to draw the chlorine up and mix it up but it's going to create a mixture of about 1000 parts per million of chlorine to water ratio and anything over 1000 parts per million is in the is in the sanitation cleaning stage there.

So let's go and turn the water on and get this tank cleaned up. Okay, we're ready to clean our water monster tank in for the time I've already positioned the take on its side here we've got the lid removed. I've got the sanitizer spray bottle in starting off here. We're going to put the lever in the upright position to mix the chlorine. So here we go. I went down real good and you can definitely smell that chlorine bleach working but if you do notice any kind of any debris that you don't like take him to towel wipe it off and then just rinse it off and you're good.

So you're going to go ahead and drain it out. And then now we're going to switch over to the freshwater and tilt the tank there. So all that excess water just drains off and you want to be sure to get all the chlorine sanitizer out. Just give it a few extra squirts and that's really it. You're gonna want to do the same thing to the lid and then stand the tank upright. Wash the outside get all the spigots real good and then you're sanitizing ready to fill with water guys. It's really that easy.