How To Reduce Spread of Germs When Using Public Water Dispensers

How To Reduce Spread of Germs When Using Public Water Dispensers

As we get closer to back to school, K-12 and colleges are faced with the challenge of how to adapt to the new Covid environment. With many younger students not eligible for vaccines yet, implementing best practices to reduce contact and spread of germs is still extremely important to reducing disease spread.

One easy way to reduce spread of germs is through ensuring cleanliness with how water is dispensed. It’s normal for children to crowd around water dispensers, especially where the spigot is located.  In addition, when playing outside, there are likely less available water dispensing options, leading to crowding, and unnecessary touching of available water spigot options.

Surfaces around water fountains in indoor and outdoor water dispensers can pose a large risk for transmission of COVID-19 and other germs. Four tips to reduce transmission of germs when drinking water from a public water dispenser include:

  • Don’t place your mouth on the spout of the fountain or allow your water bottle to come into contact with the nozzle when refilling.
  • Test the water flow and let the water flow for 10 seconds to allow for fresh, clean water to come through prior to drinking.
  • If the fountain requires you to push a button or lever, clean the surface before and after, or use your elbow.
  • Clean your hands afterwards with an alcohol-based rub or wash them with soap and water.

Water Monster has developed many solutions to help reduce unnecessary crowding and touching of communal areas where water is traditionally available for kids and young adults in their school environments. One of our most popular water attachments is the UltraSpout attachment for water coolers.

The UltraSpout dispensers will easily retro fit to replace standard push button spigots. It connects to all common 3-10 gallon water coolers with a ⅞” or larger opening. These water spigots have become increasingly popular for all sorts of outdoor water dispensing needs such as camps, schools, races, festivals, and many other applications. Their versatility in being able to attach to many types of water coolers makes them a versatile and inexpensive way to stay hydrated while reducing germ spread.


Another one of our newest products is the UltraSpout Foot Pedal

The UltraSpout foot pedal offers a 100% touch free hydration solution. Easy to install, easy to operate. This simple and innovative pedal works on the WaterMonster tank, our manifold system and ALL common 3, 5, 7 and 10 Gallon water coolers. It's adjustable from 24" to 48" in height to accommodate your table height.