How To Use The WaterMonster Rack System

How To Use The WaterMonster Rack System

WaterMonster is committed to making hydrating your next race, festival, sporting event, or group gathering as easy as possible. This is why we are proud to offer the WaterMonster Rack System. The Rack System makes transporting your water coolers efficient and safe regardless of where you need the coolers located.

The WaterMonster Rack System allows you to carry up to five Water Monster tanks with any vehicle that has a two inch receiver hitch. To install the rack system. First, insert the two foot support bar into your two inch receiver hitch.

Next, install the tee fitting, followed by the left and right support arms. Finally, install the support rings.

Because the tanks and stains will block your vehicle's taillights, you will need to attach the provided magnetic brake lights when using the rack system on roads or highways.

When transporting your tanks to stands, it is very important that you secure them using a common ratchet strap. Simply hook the one end into the bottom of the stand. Loop it under the main support bar, then hook the other end into the tank, as shown, tighten the strap, and you're ready to travel.

When you pair the rack system with a small portable water tank in your truck, you now have a powerful mobile water hauling system.