Keep Schools Hydrated with WaterMonster

Keep Schools Hydrated with WaterMonster

Drinking water is important for hydration and overall health, fitness, and cognitive function, and especially in today’s environment, adequate hydration is vital for a properly functioning immune system. Many are not fully aware of the many benefits of drinking water in school. Kids love being outdoors and one major concern for teachers is hydration. At WaterMonster we offer a hands-free water cooler to keep the little ones safe and hydrated.  

How are schools encouraging and working towards ensuring students are adequately hydrated?  

They’re making it more accessible. Schools have evolved over the years from relying on drinking fountains and vending machines to providing sustainable solutions that benefit everyone. We proudly provide a hands-free water cooler perfect for helping students and teachers pick a healthier option for hydration. 

To promote the benefits of drinking water in schools, here are ways to provide accessibility and amplify the importance of staying hydrated. 

Offer Reusable Water Bottles 

Students today are well-connected to what is going on with the world around them. Part of their concerns include the environment and how plastic waste is causing land overfills and ocean pollution for marine life. As a result, they seek alternative options for drinking filtered water from plastic bottles, which has been popular among previous generations. These bottles can be easily refilled at our hands-free water cooler. 

Start a Water Drinking Contest 

In addition to accessibility, accountability plays a significant role in encouraging the benefits of drinking water at school. A water drinking contest promotes friendly competition with the promise of a reward at the end, which instantly improves engagement.  

Whether implemented on a grade school or high school level or as a wellness initiative among college dorms, positive reinforcement from peers is helpful. By setting up our hands-free water cooler for convenience and/or using hydration apps as tracking tools, it helps students to reach their goals and get in the habit of drinking more water daily.  

Host a Health Week 

Another way to promote the benefits of drinking water is through a specialized health week where students can learn about best practices for diet and exercise to help with their physical and mental health. While students may have a general idea of why water is good for them, they may not realize the side effects that can occur if they don’t drink enough of it.  

While most kids want to reach for a sugar-sweetened beverage at recess, it’s important to encourage kids to go for safe drinking water instead. Not only does this improve the water intake, but it also prevents dehydration. One of the greatest healthy habits you can teach your kids is proper hydration from a young age. As long as a child is drinking school water from a water dispenser or fountain, they will be able to stay hydrated and support their growing bodies. 

Experiencing The WaterMonster Difference 

Access to clean water in schools is a necessity. Offering the option of purified water on-demand through our hands-free water cooler encourages students to drink more water. In fact, there are many filtered water benefits that you might not even be aware of. By increasing water access, students will tend to go toward the water dispenser over purchasing a sugar-sweetened beverage. With WaterMonster, you can have confidence knowing the water quality is top-notch from every hands-free water cooler you put in.