Portable Water Station | WaterMonster

Portable Water Station | WaterMonster

If you are putting together an outdoor event where there will be lots of people in attendance, and it will be warm outside, one thing you will most certainly need is a portable water station. A portable water station is a large station that contains a large amount of water and has a dispenser so that one can easily refill a water bottle or cup on their own. At WaterMonster we offer a variety of tanks and stations that can be used for a myriad of outdoor events. Our UltraSpout dispensers are fitted with a spigot that releases water, making it easy to refill one's water bottle or cup.  


When you have a portable water station, you want to ensure that it is sanitary. WaterMonster offers low contact and contactless solutions to ensure the safety and cleanliness of all our stations. This means that all you have to do to refill your container is to hold it under the spigot, and then water will release, a foot pedal option is also available for our water tanks. When you pull the container away, the water will stop. One wrong water source and a whole crowd of people can become sick, and the event can quickly turn into a disaster.  


Water fountains often are not the most optimal choice either. People may try to dump non-liquid items down the drain, or the water may barely trickle out. According to National Geographic, event attendees also put themselves at risk when drinking from plastic water bottles that have been sitting in the sun and may emit chemicals into the water. There are dangers surrounding each of these water sources because there is always a chance for the quality to be compromised. To prevent these risks, a portable water station is the answer. 


When you are hosting a big event outside with lots of people, you are responsible for the safety of your guests. One way that you are responsible for your guests is by keeping them well hydrated. You don't want people passing out or getting sick at your event because they cannot access water. With a portable water station, you can ensure that everyone at your event has access to clean fresh water. You can provide containers for people to put the water into and allow people to refill their containers or water bottles.  


With a portable water station, you can also reduce plastic waste. People can refill their own water bottle or put water inside another glass or container. With a portable water station, you can reduce the waste that is created at your event by reducing the sale of plastic water bottles. With a big event, you already have enough waste to deal with, so any way you can reduce waste is beneficial.  


When it comes to running a big event, you need to be sure that you take care of those attending your event. One way to take care of those attending your event is by providing access to clean and fresh water with a portable station that allows for contactless interaction. At WaterMonster hydration is our game and we are proud to serve a variety of outdoor events. Let us focus on your hydration needs so you can focus on making the best event possible.