Portable Water Trucks | WaterMonster Event Planning

Portable Water Trucks | WaterMonster Event Planning

With Covid in our rear view mirror, large outdoor events are coming back strong.  As with all outdoor events, keeping your participants hydrated is one of the most important considerations in event planning.  With the world moving toward a more green and sustainable mindset, single use plastic water bottles are on the way out.  Educating the public to bring their own refillable water bottle is the way of the future for staying hydrated.  With that in mind, the 125 gallon WaterMonster tank is a great way to offer participants a user friendly way to refill their water bottles.  These large tanks can be placed almost anywhere at an outdoor venue.  


The WaterMonster tanks can be filled by a common water faucet and a food grade hose, or by a portable water truck. It is always best if you have access to a water faucet.  This will ensure your event has unlimited water.  The WaterMonster tank offers both a filter and a float valve to ensure clean drinking water and constant maintained water levels.  These features help ensure public safety and easier management by the staff.  If you don’t have access to an onsite municipal water source, you will need to consider hiring a local portable water truck.  Specifically a truck that is built to carry potable drinking water.  There is a VERY important distinguishing difference between a potable water truck and a NON-potable water truck.  A potable water truck ONLY carries water that is safe for drinking.  Nothing else ever goes inside it.  In addition, these portable water trucks are built with components that are designed to not rust or leach any unwanted chemicals.  

Examples would be stainless steel or polyethylene tanks.  The pumps, hoses and fittings should be made of parts that are considered food grade.  This classification of portable water trucks is inspected by a local county official and the owner must submit monthly water samples for testing.  The other type of portable water trucks is NON-potable.  The water in this truck is not intended for human consumption.  This truck can carry water from any source (river, lake, hydrant, etc) and does not go through the same inspection process.  The application of this type of portable water truck is used primary for industrial/commercial applications (fire trucks, street cleaning, dust control, irrigation, etc).

Again, if your event venue does not have a municipal water source on location and you have to shop around for portable water truck, be sure you are asking the right question on the type of water trucks they have (Potable vs Non-potable).  As a sidenote, water trucks will Always have a distinct labeling on the truck stating either POTABLE or NON-POTABLE water. 

This is by law.  You will quickly find that most water truck companies offer NON-potable truck service.  There are probably 30 Non-potable trucks on the market for every 1 potable truck.  The heavy restrictions make the barrier to entry too much for most businesses.   An example of a company that has both potable trucks, non-potable trucks and WaterMonster tanks is WaterPros out of Las Vegas. Another company is A Clear Alternative out of New Jersey.