Stay Hydrated on Race Day | WaterMonster

Stay Hydrated on Race Day | WaterMonster

As the temperatures warm up, we naturally want to go outside more. This means festivals, camping, and of course sporting events. Some of the most popular events we supply water to are racing events. We at WaterMonster make proper hydration a top priority. This is why we supply you with event hydration stations, to keep attendees and athletes alike well-hydrated for the best experience possible! Here is our advice for making your next racing event a blast! 

Proper hydration plays a crucial role in our daily lives and in our sports performance. Improper hydration can lead to both dehydration or hyponatremia resulting in things like dizziness, fatigue, and poor running performance. Event hydration stations are an absolute must during a race, so be sure to have more than you think you need. Even when the weather turns colder, water is an absolute necessity for keeping runners healthy. 

What Cups Work Best? 

Because runners will grab a cup, flatten the lip of the cup, and suck out the water, paper cups work best. Styrofoam or plastic cups will crumble or break. Small bathroom cups are too small, so aim to have the cups in 8-10 oz size and fill them 2/3 full. 

What Fluid Works Best? 

Water. Plain water, supplied in crisp and clean quantities by our event hydration stations. Sports drinks or fluid replacement beverages are no substitute. However, during longer runs (10K+), you can provide both. Keep them separated and clearly marked so runners don't take the wrong fluid. 

At the starting area, we recommend you set up event hydration stations with pre-poured cups filled from our large water tanks. Keep in mind that runners are likely to take more than one cup, so keep a volunteer on hand to continuously stock the table. At the start and finish, aim to have at least 18 oz per runner. 

On the course, one volunteer pouring the water, and another few passed out the cups to runners so that runners will not have to stop and wait for a cup. Event hydration stations should be placed at mile 2, and every 2 miles afterward, at either side of the course, with several tables so that the runners don't miss their chance. When a volunteer passes out cups, they should hold the rim between two fingers or keep the base in the palm of their hand, so that runners can easily grab the cup. 

At the finish area, have a water table with pre-poured cups or bottles of water, ideally before a runner reaches the post-race food. Keep garbage cans near the water stations - this is one area where there is likely to be a lot of waste. 

Think about how much one water refill station can do for the environment as a replacement for thousands of plastic bottles or cups. Athletes and attendees will be appreciative of an event where they can get a cool drink of fresh water whenever they want while also indirectly doing their part for the environment. The benefits of this advanced water station solution are endless, and it can only mean success for your next big event. 

Whatever your water needs, for race day or any other outdoor event, WaterMonster is here for you!