Summer Hydration | Water Dispenser Tank

Summer Hydration | Water Dispenser Tank

WaterMonster pledges to aid in all your summer hydration needs. 

It’s summer and that means we will all be spending more time out of doors. Summer is the perfect time for trips to the beach, taking the kids to the park, family camping trips, and all things outdoors. WaterMonster is here to provide all your event water solutions for all types of outdoor activities this summer. Hydration is always important, especially in hot and humid weather, as we tend to lose a lot of our body fluids through sweat.   

Hydration is our specialty, and nothing beats the heat better than our WaterMonster Tank and Stand System. The water dispenser tank and stands are stackable and make it easy to supply water during any outdoor event. It’s perfect for festivals and campgrounds that find themselves filled with people. It’s important to make sure you carry a water bottle with you whenever you go out, we provide water bottle fill stations along with our water dispenser tank to help reduce plastic waste and still keep you hydrated. 

For short trips, water is the best thing to drink. However, drinking water over extended periods of activity outdoors can cause electrolyte levels to drop. For races and other sporting events, these tanks and stands can not only supply water but also electrolyte sports drinks to help cool and fuel athletes during sweltering summer days. 

One of our main focuses is also safety. For large events, it’s important to keep things safe and sanitary. That is why we also offer our Ultraspout Touch-Free Water Dispenser as part of our event water solutions. These allow users to fill their bottles with a hands free water dispenser and get all the water they need while also staying sanitary to avoid contamination. This summer we all want to focus on the good things like festivals, family gatherings, and spending time outdoors. Our hands free water dispenser gives you the peace of mind to enjoy your activities while also knowing your family and friends are safe and healthy from germs being spread.  

Speaking on how WaterMonster and our products provided the best of hydration solutions one of our esteemed customers said: “WaterMonster really saved the day for our campers. Our staffers had a hard time keeping those 5 gallon coolers full. WaterMonster to the rescue!”