The WaterMonster MiniManifold is a hit!

The WaterMonster MiniManifold is a hit!

Since the MiniManifold was recently introduced, WaterMonster is happy to report the feedback has been overwhelming!  With tens of 1,000’s of water refill stations in use at outdoor events all over the world, customers are happy about the much-needed upgrade for the common water cooler dispenser.  The MiniManifold, combined with the UltraSpout exposes how the old-style water spigot just bottlenecks water refill stations.   

 MiniManifold in use

Watch this video that demonstrates how the UltraSpout water dispenser performs against a regular spigot. 


Race consultant Erin Truslow says, “I love the fact that I can have 1, 2 or 3 coolers at a Water refill station, but have 5 high flow UltraSpout water dispensers to keep my runners moving.” 

Hydration service provider and owner of H2O Operations, Rick Margiotta says “The old water jug dispensers are laughable once you experience the touch-free UltraSpout”.  If you are looking for a touch-free water dispenser solution, look no further than the MiniManifold combined with the UltraSpout to offer the ultimate water cooler dispenser.

Race Director, Jon Hill who has used 100’s of coolers at outdoor public events says “finally, a water dispenser that is not covered in mold”.

Try out the MiniManifold and UltraSpouts at your next outdoor event.  Experience the future of hydration.  See all our products at