The WaterMonster pours it on for 2022

The WaterMonster pours it on for 2022

With Spring closing in, Event Hydration Solutions, Inc has been working hard behind the scenes to offer new exciting accessories for the WaterMonster Tank water refill stations.  Announcing the FillSpout, a new large 1” water dispenser that will help to quickly refill smaller 5-gallon water coolers.  This high-volume water spigot easily connects directly to the 1” ball valve on your WaterMonster Tank.  Now your WaterMonster Tank can act as a water refill station for your small portable cooler.

WaterMonster Tank with Fillspout, WaterGauge and WaterFilterFillSpout in Action

Also, due to customer demand, we are offering the new WaterGauge. Now easily view the water level inside your WaterMonster Tank.  Simply connect it directly to the hose bib on the tank, extend the tube, and clamp the clear tube to the top of the lid, then turn on the ball valve.  Gravity will push the water up the tube and will give you an accurate view of the water level.  We have also included a gallon measuring sticker to place on your tank.  Now users will know exactly how much water is available in their water dispenser tank. 


Event Hydration Solutions is excited about these two new accessories that will continue to help make the WaterMonster Tank one of the most versatile hydration stations on the market. To find out more information about WaterMonster Tanks, and the complete accessory line be sure to visit the website.