UltraSpout By Water Monster

UltraSpout By Water Monster

We would like to introduce to you the UltraSpout. It’s a high speed, hands-free, and with our optional foot pedal, a 100% touch-free water dispenser. In this article, I'm going to discuss all the features and how to install them on a common water cooler, our WaterMonster tank, and ice chest. We’ll also cover going to cover any troubleshooting issues you may encounter. So let's get started.

Your UltraSpout is designed to offer Fast Hands-Free hydration and see our foot pedal option for 100% Touch-free hydration. The UltraSpout is made with food-grade components and is dishwasher safe. It comes with a universal rubber gasket and a locking nut. It features a spring-loaded dispenser arm and a sliding dispenser lock, and the collapsible support arm to keep your cooler from sliding backward, and the nipple is a half-inch pipe thread that's a seven-eighths inch in diameter. Water flows through a silicone tube and is activated by a pinch valve.

There are a few other areas we need to discuss before installation. Most coolers have seven eighths to one-inch opening that will allow the old spout to fit in perfectly fine, but there are a few coolers that have a half-inch opening. For those coolers, you will need to drill that out so we offer a seven-inch drill bit that will allow you to punch through easily. We also have your common spigot that would fit inside that newly enlarged hole, if you ever wanted to go back to a regular spigot because there are hundreds of different water coolers and ice chests on the market. 

The inside coverage can vary, so we strongly suggest reusing your factory gasket and washer, if it'll fit. This also applies to the WaterMonster Tank and our Quick Connect kit, use our universal gasket as a backup for your ultra spouts it arrived with the dispenser in the open position. So to activate simply press the dispenser and pull the locking mechanism back in so you're ready for use. Now when you're not using it, you're going to store it, we strongly suggest putting it back into the open position suppress the dispenser arm pull the locking mechanism back, and store it like this. This will prevent any possibility of the pinch valve, making the tube inside stick when you get ready to use it again. So if your older spout arrives in a box and it's in the closed position you're going to need to verify that the inner tube is not stuck in a pinch position and this is a really easy process here, simply press the dispenser arm and visually look and see if that old tube is pinched. If it is, all you do is just take a pencil using the eraser end, and gently stick it inside and you'll dislodge that tube, and another method you can do is also just taking your pinky, you can press the dispenser arm and just take your pinky and kind of poke it. So with all that being said, now it's time to install your old stuff.

To install, first remove the factory spigot to install the UltraSpout, go ahead and insert it. And like we mentioned earlier, we strongly suggest using the factory rubber gasket washer that came off your original cooler, however, you will have to use the ultra spout locking nut your factory one will not fit.

You've got your locking nut in place your cooler full of water. Slide the support arm down, take an empty cup, take it for a test run. Hands-Free super fast hydration. It's that easy.

Let's see how the ultra spout performs against the regular picket here, we've got two coolers, with an equal amount of water. Let's see how fast it takes to fill the 24 ounces. On average the UltraSpout is three times as fast as a normal water spigot.

As I mentioned earlier this installation procedure applies to the water coolers to the ice chest with the water monster tank, it is a two-person job, you're going to want to set the water monster tank and oriented as I've shown right here, and whether you're installing an ultra spout or the male Camlock have a quick connect or even the original factory spigot. One person will have to hold it from the outside, the other person will install the hardware on the inside, and then you set it up, and you're ready for use.

If you are using your ultra spout and water is not flowing out it is because the inner tube here is stuck in a pinch position, it's a really easy fix, just take your pinky poke at it on the side poke it on the other side it should dislodge it, and the water will begin to flow. This is why we strongly encourage you when you're not using your ultra spout. Press the dispenser arm pull the locking arm back in-store in the open position. This will prevent this problem in the future.

If your office spout is leaking from the outside of your cooler in this general area that's caused by one of several different raises and there are a few ways to fix this one goes ahead and retighten the inside nut on the cooler, and you also want to make sure that you're using the factory hardware first before using the universal gasket. A final method is to double stack the rubber gaskets. So in this example, I want you to imagine that this is the cooler right here. This is the universal rubber gasket we provide that would go on the outside of the cooler, this is the factory gasket that would go on the inside of the cooler so we're kind of sandwiching the inside and the outside together, and that'll almost guarantee it.

If your UltraSpout is leaking from the end of the dispenser. This is a factory defect This is caused because the pinch valve inside is not aligned correctly, and it's just a slight tolerance issue you're eligible for a free refund so just call your water monster rep and they'll instruct you on how to do a return.