WaterMonster Goes Camping | Campground Water Stations

WaterMonster Goes Camping | Campground Water Stations

Hydration is a basic human need, and we all require water to survive, but it’s even more critical when we’re out hiking or camping. These activities move us far from home, where getting hold of drinkable tap water can be a challenge, so extra measures need to be taken for hydration to maintain our bodies’ water balance for our system to function at an optimal level. Hydration is our passion at WaterMonster. We provide water stations for a myriad of outdoor activities and venues, including campgrounds. Campground water stations are easy and quick to set up and ensure that all campers get the water they need to stay hydrated.  

In addition to being far away from our usual water supplies, we’re also out in the sun doing physical activities. These are recipes for thirst no matter who you are, so staying hydrated becomes even more important. We all need a lot of water each day, even when we’re not off on an outdoor adventure, which is why hydration is so important. There are serious consequences that can occur when we go without water and add to those the already dangerous consequences that can happen when we’re in the wilderness; you start to see why it’s so important. Our campground water stations can be set up throughout any campground to make sure water is accessible to all visitors.  

The recommended guidelines for water intake vary slightly depending on age and weight, but when it comes to camping and hiking hydration, it’s better to go slightly above. On average, we should be aiming for over two liters a day or the equivalent of eight 8-ounce glasses, especially when working up a sweat outside. While out camping some assume they can drink water from local sources such as streams, rivers, etc. This isn’t recommended because these waters can be home to some nasty bacteria, and no one wants to get sick and ruin their camping trip. Our campground water stations provide clean, pure water for all campers to drink when they need it.  

The best advice is to drink regularly throughout the day to stay hydrated and keep your body functioning at its best. If you have small children, help remind them to take breaks from their busy activities to drink and cool down. On an especially sweltering day, you may even want to set an alarm on your phone to help remind you on a regular scheduled time interval that it’s time for everyone to drink up! Our campground water stations make water more readily available, which in turn makes people want to drink more and stay hydrated.  

A bonus of our campground water stations is they help to cut down on plastic use at campgrounds. With water stations available to everyone, campers are less likely to bring their own packs of water. This means far less plastic waste at each campsite. WaterMonster is the way to go for a clean and sustainable water source at any campground.  

Staying hydrated is important, and we at WaterMonster are more than happy to help with this. For all your outdoor water needs we are there to provide water stations that meet every hydration requirement you may have. For more information feel free to contact us