WaterMonster | World Games 2022

WaterMonster | World Games 2022

Event Hydration Solutions, is excited and honored to get the call from Birmingham Alabama to support the World Games happening this July. The World Games 2022 will be the eleventh World Games, an international multi-sport event, meant for sports, or disciplines or events within a sport, that were not contested in the Olympic Games. While originally scheduled for July 2021, The World Games 2022 will be held July 7 to 17, 2022 in BirminghamAlabama,  due to the rescheduling of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. The Games will feature 30 official sports in 54 disciplines which will be contested at 30 venues across the Birmingham area. And WaterMonster Tanks will be there! 

The World Games 2022 are making getting free hydration out to the participants and spectators in a safer, faster, greener way a priority. Using our touch-free spigot technology on each WaterMonster Tank by adding the UltraSpout and FootPedal. Simply step up to the WaterMonster Tank, hold your reusable water container under the hands-free spigot, step on the FootPedal and fill your bottle.  No more attempting to press and hold open the common spigot with one hand while holding the container with the other. In just one second, the UltraSpout can pour 6 ounces of water! This is quick and simple, preventing any lengthy waits to have your water bottle refilled.

These things work together to save the event production business money over time by reducing the need for dozens of volunteers to man each water station and the cost of single-use, hazardous water bottles and/or filthy paper cups. literally preventing the need for the event to discard tens of thousands of single-use water bottles throughout the games.

WaterMonster Tanks hold up to 125 gallons of clean water and have lots of accessories to customize your mass hydration solution to exactly what you need.  “Depending on the size and type of your event we’ve got you covered.” Says Kevin Huff owner and founder of Event Hydration Solutions, Inc

"WaterMonster is one of those 'why didn't I think of that' products that is a complete game changer for any outdoor event. We use WaterMonster at all major outdoor events across the country and could not imagine ever going back to transporting single serve bottles or 5-gallon water jugs. If there's one lesson, we have learned is that Free water is never free.” Says Gary Metcalf Co-Founder and President of Cadence Sports, Inc.

Here's to WaterMonster getting the gold medal for hydration!