WaterMonster's Commitment To Innovation And Safety

WaterMonster's Commitment To Innovation And Safety

It’s an understatement to say COVID-19 changed the world of athletics. Programs have had games and entire seasons in the air, as many struggled to get opened and scheduled for regular operations. Team sports were especially hard-hit.

Watching events and entire seasons being cancelled, WaterMonster CEO and inventor Kevin Huff went to work. With over 15 years’ experience in event hydration, Huff turned his attention to creating low-touch hydration systems. The result has made a world of difference for programs nationwide.

Even with other precautions in place, the most common point of contact on the sideline has always been the water cooler. The UltraSpout, available exclusively from Texas-based WaterMonster, has proven itself a game changer for everyone working with mass hydration. Easily installed on both WaterMonster’s own tanks and traditional five-gallon coolers, the UltraSpout replaces the typical push-button point of contact with a simple, low-touch lever system. Paired with WaterMonster’s engineered foot pedal, the UltraSpout creates a fully
hands-free system for dispensing water with or without added electrolytes.

Beyond the UltraSpout, WaterMonster also produces a comprehensive system for athlete hydration. Their patented, 125-gallon flagship product, the WaterMonster Tank System, replaces 1000 single-use water bottles and dispenses to up to six people at a time. In addition to adding a layer of safety for COVID-19, the entire WaterMonster system helps reduce the risks of dehydration in all climates. It’s easy to clean, uses food-grade components, and was designed to be moved and set up by one person. “The UltraSpout and WaterMonster are a one-two punch for safer and more convenient hydration,” says Huff, “We’re helping coaches and athletic directors win their most important game- the one against COVID-19 disruptions. Our systems are adaptable, thoughtfully designed, cost effective, and sustainable. The WaterMonster and accessory system is a one-and-done for
hydration planning.” With COVID-19 challenges on and off the field, WaterMonster’s UltraSpout has found a quick home among coaches, trainers, site operators, and others.

Over the last 18 months, WaterMonster delivered thousands of tanks and program-saving UltraSpout kits to schools, camps, race directors, festivals, and club sports leagues. Listening to feedback from coaches and event directors, Huff even developed a manifold system for social distancing, and shipped it in a matter of weeks. “We know how important athletics are to our schools and communities,” says Huff, “our team is happy to be part of getting our customers’ teams back on the field.