Indian Tribes

Don’t let the HOT sun slow down a festive Powwow. Those 5-gallon water coolers just can’t keep up with the thirsty demand of your participants. You need a 125-gallon WaterMonster to keep the celebration and dancing going full steam. Leave the hydration to the WaterMonster. We work with all Gov related agencies.

With these features, you are sure to stay hydrated:

  • -125 gallon capacity (equal to 1,000 plastic trash bottles)
  • -6 spigots for quick refills and no lines
  • -Water Flag for visibility
  • -EZ hose connection to any common water faucet
  • -Float Valve to maintain water levels
  • -Water filters for peace of mind
  • -Hands-free and social distancing accessories available
  • -Cup Dispensers