Sponsorship Opportunities

At WaterMonster, we're always looking for ways to enhance value and increase integration with the many kinds of events we serve. Having provided millions of servings of water from our distinctive WaterMonster blue dispenser tanks, we're now offering sponsorship opportunities directly on our ever-expanding fleet of water stations. For many, sponsorships are a great addition to their plans. 

WaterMonster sponsorship is the perfect match for your marketing outreach needs, maximizing time-on-target for your brand or message. A single event may have more than a dozen WaterMonster units in continuous use, giving sponsors predictable and regular contact with both athletes and/or attendees. Our tanks are a natural place to gather, provide a large canvas to work with, and place you in front of the right audience. 

At most events we serve, WaterMonster flags stand a total of 12 feet off the ground, making our water stations easily seen from far away. There is no doubt among staff, attendees, and participants where to go for clean and plentiful hydration. 

 A Natural Place to Gather. 

The WaterMonster creates predictable gathering places, with guaranteed dwell time with your message at eye level. No matter the event, athletes need water, and returning athletes have come to look to WaterMonster tanks for hydration. WaterMonster tanks are tall, distinctive, and offer up to 10 square feet of space for your message.

The Right Audience 

If your product is a good match for event participants or attendees, then WaterMonster sponsorship is a great match for you. Diverse topic areas, including timed and fun-running events, cycling events, triathlons, festivals of all kinds, and obstacle events (like Tough Mudder) allow our sponsors to choose the types of athletes and/or attendees that are the best match their product and brand. WaterMonster advertising puts your brand front-and-center in a place they will certainly visit- the water refill station.  

All too often, it’s difficult to know if a particular ad placement is seen by participants. Ads may end up out of the way or simply not displayed in a place where athletes and attendees are highly likely to visit. In 2016 alone, there were an estimated 1 Million individual views of WaterMonster tanks at events nationwide by direct event participants. In terms of CPM in front of actual athletes or attendees, WaterMonster offers an excellent value.

Creative Deployments 

As an innovating and dynamic company, we work alongside our sponsors and event organizers to maximize athlete interaction with your brand and maximize the return on WaterMonster sponsorships.

Our sponsor wraps are large, full color, and not limited to just a logo. We can develop a plan for the audience our sponsors seek to reach, where and when to reach them, and integrate messages perfectly into your overall brand strategy.


Perfect for Event Organizers  

For event organizers, offering WaterMonster sponsorship alongside your existing sponsorship packages are an easy way to offset (or even eliminate) the cost of WaterMonster service. Our large customizable areas, often at multiple stations at your event, can add even more value to your top-level sponsorship levels.

Give our team a call today for more information and ideas specific to your type of event. Since our founding, we’ve always worked toward win/win relationships, and WaterMonster sponsorships allow organizers and sponsors alike to enjoy value from our eco-friendly units. If for some reason WaterMonster sponsorships don’t fit with your offerings, we can offer placement to some of our own well-vetted advertising partners, and still help offset costs associated with WaterMonster service. 

Want to Sponsor WaterMonster Service? 

We’re actively looking to expand our select group of corporate and non-profit partners who would like to appear on WaterMonster tanks throughout the year - and across a wide variety of events. We handle the setup, maintenance, and all aspects of delivering content to the audiences you select, providing high-return while maintaining affordable CPM. Interested? We’d love to hear from you


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